Sunday, September 27, 2009

Top 10 ways to get a Libra to a decision...

Top 10 Ways For a Libra To Make a Decision
(Letterman Style)
by Samuel F. Reynolds

10. Call up your best friend at midnight to run “the question” by him/her one more time, then your therapist in the morning and finally your psychic at noon.

9. Talk the decision through until you forget what you were talking about.

8. Let your husband/wife/partner do it.

7. Shop, and see if it goes away

6. Imagine you’re making the decision for someone else, then make the decision for him or her, I mean, you.

5. Write down the pros & cons of the issue and “weigh” out what makes sense.

4. Ask yourself, WWSD?: “What would Satan do?” 
Then do the opposite.

3. Pay an Aries to make the decision for you.

2. Avoid it.

1. Look at all your options until you (and those around you) can’t stand waiting for you to make up your mind anymore. Then make a decision and change it 5 minutes later.

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